Microphone preamplifiers
Pre-amplification Microphone preamplifiers
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Microphone preamplifiers user reviews

  • Digidesign Pre I/O

    Digidesign Pre I/O - " Good pre-amp"


    It gives me the hardware best suited to a station Protools, even if the preamp is not as good as other brands. It is almost perfect for the catch drum for example. The ability to create an effects loop on each pre-amp is pretty interRAI. UTILIZATIO…

  • Drawmer 1960

    Drawmer 1960 - " Fat Sound Machine"


    Double pre-amp compressor any lamp. In between with a faade Instrument To baptize equipped with a legalization Hight & Low. ___2 Pairs of XLR Sym. 1 Mic and 1 line ___Les Insert (I / O) by Jack sym. All in 2U 19 "all black, black button, switc…

  • PreSonus BlueTube DP

    PreSonus BlueTube DP - " The thing that makes the difference"


    I will not dwell on this, I know very little, I wanted a prampli lamp, and the one I liked. It has a pretty face, rev heals, but it seems to me quite fragile ... Finally it is probably psychological ds now we know that there is a light in it, because…

  • Behringer Tube Ultragain T1953

    Behringer Tube Ultragain T1953 - " I keep!"


    Trs simple device, no need to be electrician to use it! UTILIZATION Very simple configuration, and complements. Just turn the knobs, that's all ... No edition of the sound, not a synth! SOUND QUALITY Dj I left a notice a few years ago on this…

  • PreSonus DigiMax D8

    PreSonus DigiMax D8 - " Means"


    Converto AD / DA 8 XLR in between 8 Jack Output ADAT Wordclock UTILIZATION I have used on two projects, I have not had the opportunity to try something else, and that is in urgent need of 8 tracks supplmentaires add my sound card Saffire …

  • Universal Audio 4-710D

    Universal Audio 4-710D - " AU 4-710D: A good product trs"


    Insert Jacks 6.35 Between High impdance faade in jack 6.35 AES / EBU output Word Clock ADAT Limiter and Intgr dbrayable. In faade: slecteur to use a VU-Maître of diffrent Manir: _ Drive position, indicates the gain level envoy in…

  • Universal Audio 2-610

    Universal Audio 2-610 - " Good amp lamp. Simple and effective."


    Pramp analog lamps, 2 channels. XLR connection between high + impdance to connect a live instrument Low Shelf EQ High Shelf with 3 + frquences charnires selectable per band. UTILIZATION Config trs simple. It RULES gain of (5 notched positions…

  • Universal Audio 4-710D

    Universal Audio 4-710D - " to have a rack!"


    4 mic preamps line di / 4 compressors ("small 1176") digital outputs high quality. Possibility to choose between tube or transistor or a mix of both for preamps. 48v, direct out and insert 4 between line and more (this time without saving). UTILIZA…

  • Universal Audio 2-610S

    Universal Audio 2-610S - Mafoomafoo's review


    Double prmpli lamps with jack and XLR connectors, recessed rack in my treatment. UTILIZATION There really is not much to do, you plug your sources, you RULES your level, your frquences, etc. Otherwise, it is he who occupies it. SOUND QUALITY …

  • SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Pre

    SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Pre - " Essential"


    4-channel analog preamp rack 1 unit, no converter built. I / O mic / line XLR rear and front to Z by Jack High instrumentals. Minimalist settings on the front, for front: - Input gain coupled with a color indicator in the On / Off button (see d…