PreSonus TubePre
PreSonus TubePre

TubePre, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.


PreSonus TubePre : Anonymous 's user review


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Preamp / di MOITI lamp ...

One dose "quantitquot; of his lamp on the signal. It's pretty cratif in fact, a wide range of its offers us.

I / O and XLR jack

Are available: pad, phase reverse, 80Hz bypass (effectively, the slope must be very steep!) And phantom power supply

Golable construction seems solid, except the meter that moves littralement if touched a finger!


Edit quite simple if you what. Please note that in light-nitre rpond strangely transient ...


Your exact trs is convincing, to color the signal a little. The sound without lamp, I find it extremely clear and bright, the lamp amne an advanced and enjoyable medium that breaks this. I do not use no means to take a transparent ...


I use it for 15 days, nice update on sax (C414 and Beta 57), trs persuasive on a guitar in direct branch.
Your exact trs is quite warm and enjoyable ...

I have a DTC Mindprint. The dye is TubePre (c'tait my goal) and really helps to get another sound. This is also not ashamed to compare the two. The DTC is more complete but what is the pure pramp, another on the two machines and I find it shameful rendering TubePre