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Madness` 02/12/2005

Antares Audio Technology Microphone Modeler : Madness`'s user review


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- Easy installation, everything works right the first time ...


P4 2.6, Asus P4PE CM-X, 512 RAM, 2 dd 20 and 40 GB, Sound Card Digigram VX222 ...
stability ok!


I use it for one week, a friend lent me to try, we feel too much heat (as they say on the net) but as a compression, the change between the different microphones, c ho hum, it TFW would use it for the main mix, but on the tracks "voice" (I use an AKG recording and Preamp Drawner), it gives a little more than Db, but nothing famous, even if by changing the levels Input and output of the lamps is defined as a round.
I TFWP not well controlled, or else it sounds too much. You be the judge!