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Thread Are SM57's Good for micing drums?

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Topic Are SM57's Good for micing drums?
Hi, I'm wondering what Mics to buy....

I'm doing a proper studio album and am trying to get the best sound possible on the budget I'm on. Its a metal-core album, Im talking Killswitch Engage/Unearth/All That Remains Metal-core. Anyone who has listed to this style will know what i am aiming for (Tight punchy sound, with bright-ish cymbals)

[hr /]

Lets start with the Toms:

I thinking about using 5 SM 57 On the Snare, Bottom of Snare, L-Tom, R-Tom, F-Tom (This is because our school will lend me 4 and I'm buying one soon.) I want to get a really tight sound out of the kit. Are the SM 57's Ok for this job? I don't really have much else alternative, but if anyone has any more suggestions, i have links to a local theater who will lend me a few mics.

Kick Drum:
I have no idea about this one, I'm on the list for a course that teaches you all about mic's, but until then Im clueless. (My School has a Shure Drum Mic Set with 4 SM 57's and a oval shaped bass drum mic, i don't know if this helps, but its a clue) Will this mic be ok if you know what it is lol. Despite that... any suggestions to a good (cheep-ish) bass drum mic? (like under $200)

Hey Jason, 57s are good all around mics for recording just about anything. If you have forr of them for drums, I would go with One for the bass, one for the snare from the top, and two overheads left and right to get the rest. Just mess around a little with the position of the over heads to get a overall sound you like they will get your toms and cymbals.

Awesome Thanks mate!
yah .. sm57 is a universal mic.. u can use it to record everything.. ;)