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Thread Which Microphones Do I Need??

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1 Which Microphones Do I Need??
Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering what microphones i would need to go with my new Lexicon USB audio interface. The main things i need to record are vocals, acoustic guitar and an electric gutiar amp.

Is there a problem using condenser mics for both vocals and acoustic guitars at the same time (ie. will the sound bleed into the opposite mic)?

I'm currently considering a close up vocal mic such as the Shure SM58 (which is in my price range) and a large diaphragm condenser (for acoustic guitar)?

Next Question, will an SM58 or a large diaphragm condenser be good enough to mic my amp with?

Thats it. Any helpful advice or points in the right direction are welcome.


For instruments , the best mc is the SM57. The SM58 is a vocal mic.
Hope this helps