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Thread XLR to PC MIC input, any advice please?

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1 XLR to PC MIC input, any advice please?

I have managed to make a cable to attach a behringer dynamic microphone to my PC, using an XLR to 'small stereo jack' cable, and this cable is going into the PC via the pink coloured onboard MIC input socket

after making the cable i tested the microphone and it does work, but i am wondering if i have done it right? is a standard onboard PC MIC socket actually mono, and if so, should I rewire the cable so that only two of the three XLR wires are connected, as opposed to all three of the XLR wires which are seperately connected to the jack plug at the moment.

I understand that my cable at the moment is perhaps balanced? but should i change it into an unbalanced cable then by rewiring it.

I'm a bit lost, can anyone help please? I just want to do things correctly

best wishes

Hi. I hope someone responds to your question because I'm wondering why I can use the mic that I plug into my sound card with the small (3.5mm) stereo plug into my mixer and make it work.
Correction to Deepspace rely: "why I can" should read "why I cannot use the mic". sorry