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Opinion On Samson C15 CL Studio Condenser Microphone to Record Rap voc



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 10/20/2007 at 21:48:57
I am trying to record CD quality Rap songs with the Samson C15 CL Studio Condenser Microphone

I am using a pop filter and also the mic says it includes standard 48-Volt phantom power operation?? Do I still need to buy XLR and how is it hooked up to the computer because I am using only one mic.

this is my first time working with condensors so please some one help

Oh yeah I am using my closet which is a little spacious as the booth

The only reason i am getting this mic is because i am on a strict budget and the description of the mic says
-Ideal for vocal or acoustic instrument micing

I still want good quality and I am also using Sony ACID Pro and ACID music Studio 7.0

I am taking all open opinions so please anyone who reads this help me .
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