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Thread anyone ever tried a "blue" mic?

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1 anyone ever tried a "blue" mic?
i record rap. ive used the neauman u87 for years, than used a "charter oaks" (which is a small company out of ny, great hand made mics), however i am interested in purchasing a new mic as i will no longer have access to those others.

i hear great things about the blue mics, i was looking at the "kiwi" model. i think i truns about 1200. anyone ever tried them? or have any recomendations for mics in a 8-1500$ range?

Yeah, I used one for a while and I thought it sounded stringy, like old 1940's radio. If I had the choice, I would try and pick up a used U87. You can find them for around $1600 to $1700, less if you spend some time looking. On the new mic side, I like the Neumann TLM 103. It's pretty solid for $1000.