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Thread recording drums

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1 recording drums
im gonna be recording my band in a few weeks and i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions......

1. my drummer sets up his kit really tight together (even though ive told him 1000 times not to)....so im gonna have a whole lot of bleed from the cymbals into the tom mics....
any suggestions of what mics to use to reject the cymbals and to be able to maneuver them into tight spots....i originally wanted to use 421's but god knows its impossible to get those into tight spots....and they dont do to well with bleed

2. the kick....im debating here....he doesn't have a hole in the front head....so i was either gonna take it off and lay a D112 inside and point an EV664(?) at the beater...one of my buddies said it works really well.....or....my teacher told me about this last semester....use two 414's a few feet in front of the kick aimed down towards the beater....

any other suggestions would help as well.....what do all of you use for overheads....snare top/bottom....and even individual miking of the ride and hi hats

by the way.....its a 7 piece pearl studio kit

this looks very familiar ..........
yeah....i posted it in recording too.... just in case
multiposting is not good board ettiquete


you got it....i just didnt know whether it would be better to post it under mics or recording