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Thread Beginner's Mic for Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, and vocals?

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1 Beginner's Mic for Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, and vocals?
I'm a newbie in home recording and after looking at other posts, it seems like the preference for a beginner to an intermediate mic is the Shure SM57. I guess I'm just looking for validation of that or trying to find an even less expensive alternative.

I'm looking for something inexpensive that I would use for a bass cabinent, an electric guitar cabinet, and some vocals. I'll only be doing single tracks, so I won't need multiple mics. I'll be connecting it to a Behringer UB802 mixer (thanks to Axeman's suggestion), so I'll have phantom power (maybe phantom power is a given, but remember I'm a newbie).

Right now, I'm connecting my UB802 to my PC sound card, so I don't have the greatest quality, but I'm not trying to be a professional. I'm just learning and having fun and using the stuff for my own enjoyment. I'll probably re-evaluate what I'm doing late next year and maybe try to upgrade then if I'm still going at it.


Edit 1: Oh, I forgot. I will also want to be able to record a sax and a violin, if that makes any difference.
You're very clear and you seem to write better in English than some native speakers I know.

I hadn't thought about the pressure on the mic. That's another, Wow! I hadn't thought of that, for me. I'm learning something with every post. Maybe in real studios you can get around that by positioning the mics further away from the source. I like your preamp idea and the V-AMP looks like it could work for me.

Thanks again!
I understand your point about micing the bass guitar. The thing is, it's hard to mic bass cabinets because of the pressure it sends to the mic that may cause a few pops and some general noise. The best way to record a bass (in my opinion) is to use a Pre-Amp. You told that your budget is not too big so what I can suggest for you is the BEHRINGER BASS V-AMP. It can work as a Pre-Amp somehow. You can simulate lots of amps and some cabinets on it and send it directly to your mixer/sound card sounding as a miced signal, but without (try always to use the best cables as possible) noise. And it have a few effects as well. It costs something around U$120,00. Try to read about it and see if you like it.

Hope I was clear, sorry for my English since I am not a native speaker.


Wow. If I get too many mics, someone is likely to think that I can play good.

I'll put these great suggestions in my pocket and wait for the cash. I will be in an open room, so I'll check out the B1.

My thought for the bass originated from someone I know who has tinkered a bit. He suggested micing the bass to get the sound of the cabinet, but also taking the line out and process it however you wanted (pretty much direct for me right now). That way, you could mix the different sounds however you wanted. But like I said, he's only tinkered and I don't know if he's ever actually done anything like that in practice.

So many toys to try and so little buying power. But Christmas is coming...:D
For the violin a condenser is the best thing. That Behringer will outperform more expensive brands easily.
About the condenser mic, Behringer has pretty good mics for it's price. If you plan to record in an isolated and with a good acoustic enviroment, check out Behringer's B2. But if you are going to record in a regular room, check out the B1.
It's a good idea to get a condenser mic and also a dynamic. I use two SM57 and a condenser mic for recording guitars.
By the way, are you sure you want to mic the bass guitar? Check out BEHRINGER BASS V-AMP, it is also really good for recording (for low budgets). I believe it's better to record bass this way rather than micing it. But it is just a suggestion.

Cheers mate!

Thanks for the validation. It's doesn't seem to be a real expensive mic, but I'll still have to plan for it for a few months. I doubt that I'll ever see it on a stage, but it'll have a lot of use at home.
SM57 is of course primarily an instrument mic that can double on vocals. It is a fine starter mic and will always be useful as a live stage mic later and will last a long long time. As a dynamic mic it can handle a lot of sound pressure. When you can afford a condenser instrument mic though you will be shocked at the difference in sound especially over a 100 foot snake.
snethej can u tell me how u connected ur Behringer UB802 to ur pc soundcard coz i hav bought 1 but i want 2 no all the leads/cables i need 2 connect it 2 ma pc so i can jus record vocals , i dun mine bout the quality jus need help connecting it thnx alot if u can help or jus email me the info 2 mc_yung-t@hotmail.co.uk thnx