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Thread is a pop filter necessary for vocals?

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1 is a pop filter necessary for vocals?
is a pop filter (guard) a "must have item" when recording vocals??
Only when the song you're recording has p's, b's and to a lesser extent, t's included in the lyrics. :) Seriously, aside from keeping singers at a specific distance from the mic, it also helps to catch some wayward spit from hitting the capsule - keeps the mic from smelling like a sewer over time. Some engineers say that the nylon screen seems to have a effect on high frequencies so that they use something that looks like a thin metal plate with lots of holes punched into it (e.g., BLUE pop filters).
I use the Stedman pop filter on everyone. It's a no-brainer. Why risk screwing up an amazing vocal take with a big fat PPPPPPPPUUHHHHHH in the middle of it? Even if you can fix it, why take 10 minutes of your life to fix it when you can spent 2 seconds putting a pop filter up.

With the Stedman there are no drawbacks.