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Thread Busted Mic?

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1 Busted Mic?
I have been using an AKG C3000B. I didnt use it for a while, probably for like a month. I needed to use it the other day but when I connected to my board I don't get nearly enough signal as I should have been getting. I did get some signal, and when I crank the gain up it sounds normal, except for the god awful hum. I disconnected all of my other gearfrom my board to make it as simple and fool proof as possible but it didnt fix the broblem. And yes the phantom power is on! Could it be broken? :x
The first thing I would check is the cable that links the mic to your mixer.
yeah tried that
it isnt the broblem
I fixed the problem. One of soldered wire joints that conects to the diaphram inside the mic had broke. I soldered it back and now it works perfect.
Risky Business! :D
I can solder well but you've got balls. I have to assume the wire had the screw terminal break loose. So you were not soldering to a gold sputtered mylar diaphram? I wouldn't want to get a screwdriver even close to that.

Or was the wire actually to the backplate.
No I didnt solder directly to the capsule. There are posts hanging down from it that are some how physically attached to the diaphram. It was still pretty nerve racking though. I used little clamps (bobby pins) and a pair of my sisters tweezers to hold it all in place while I made the conection. Pretty crude but it worked.