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Thread Studio Projects B1 - Rode NT1 etc opinions please!

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1 Studio Projects B1 - Rode NT1 etc opinions please!

I used to own a Rode NT1 to record vocals through a JoeMeek VC3 into a fostex FD8 with Lexicon effects...it all had to be sold a long time ago... now i am down to a PC with a Tascam US122 and want to buy a decent mic again. I was considering the Rode again because it was perfect for my needs and i already know that mic but i have noticed some budget mics that may compare well, save money, and tide me over until i save the extra for the Rode...

How does the Studio Projects B1 compare on male vocals?? Or any other cheaper condenser mic for that matter.

Apologies if it's a bit of an open question but your thoughts are appreciated.,

akg c3000b is a good mic, a friend of mine, however, uses the rode nt1 in recording acoustic guitars and likes it better (for acoustic gtr) than some of his $1000 mics (blueberry etc) of course he uses more than 1 mic to get the perfect sound but the rode nt1 is usually used in the setup.. i have the akg.. good mic, workhorse, as they say, i suggest the akg, good company etc.. but my ears still have years to go before developing a distinct taste for the sounds of the different mics
I'm not sure if this will help, but I currently use a Studio Projects B1 quite a bit for vocals, guitar cab mic'ing (stopped using the SM57), and acoustic guitar. I can't compare to the Rode, but I am very pleased with the B1. I'll use it with the Joe Meek VC3, or for a little cleaner sound, to a studio projects VTB1, which I think is a good consideration if you are looking for a mic pre in that price range. Hope this helped.
i just got a b1, ive been using the 414 tl2 for years, the b1 compared to that is brighter and more susceptible to air hitting the mic and killing the b's and p's. you need a ver good wind guard with this mic. i think the jomeek with this mic would be ill. the 100 b1 sounds dope just a little bright and you may need to scoop out some mid lows to get it to sound natural. b1 dope mic
You might want to check this out:


It is a review bij Sound On Sound on the Studio Projects B1. Might be helpful.