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Thread Marshall MXL 990

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1 Marshall MXL 990
Anyone had any experience with these? I've heard nothing but good reviews especially for the price. Anyway, I just figured I'd let you all know that they're on sale today at Musician's Friend.

$59 includes Case and Shockmount AND 6" pop filter (today only).

I ordered one today. I figure for the price, if it stinks, I'll just use it for a gigging mic to accompany my piezzo on my acoustic.

Keep us posted on how this mic sounds.
I purchased this microphone about a month ago. I've only used this once to record a short song, but it sounded sweet. I bought it on Musician's Friend for about $70 with a shockmount. I then saw it again at the grand opening of Guitar Center in Flint, MI coupled with an MXL991, (I think) which is a small diaphram condensor mic, for $60. The only downside was it didn't come with a shockmount. I bought the mics anyway, so know I have two MXL990's and one MXL991. I can't wait to try dual micing.
Oops, forgot about this post :oops: I picked mine up through musicians friend with a free shockmount as well as a free pop filter. I've only really used it once or twice so far and just for acoustic guitar, but must say, it's definately a sweet sounding mic for the price.

It's a little on the noisy side, but that could be simply be my room. I haven't used it yet on vocals, but I'd say definately a nice buy for a cheap condensor. I'm thinking about grabbing a second to use as my drum overheads and even to keep as an additonal source for my acoustic in live shows.