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Thread What mics?

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1 What mics?
What is the best mic(I will be getting 2 or 3) that can be used for recording voices, drums and elec/guitar bass that is relatively cheap. I mean cheap when I say cheap...as in around 50 or 60 bucks. I know that I'm not gonna get anything proffesional sounding, but I want to get the best bang for the buck. Even if it isnt much of a buck.

Thanks a lot.
The best snare mic is an SM57. This mic is ok for live vocals. It is also a good guitar mic. I have a half dozen in my locker.

This isn't the best mic for everything of course, but it is probably the cheapest good mic you can get.

Slightly above the price range you wanted but not much. Eat some TV dinners or PB&J sandwiches instead of McDonalds for a week and you've got the extra small change. Shop around and you'll find a good price.

Don't skimp on mics GIGO.
The 57 and 58 are true workhorses that work in almost any application.
Do you recommend the dynamic or condenser version of the sm57?
Well I just did a Google search.

And what should come up but this WRONGO information.


Just as I am wrong some of the time other places can make mistakes too. I hope this isn't some kind of sales ploy. Further down in the bullited text it is described as dynamic.

The SM57 and SM58 ONLY come in dynamic versions.

The LC AFAICT means - less cable. (without cable)
thanks for clearing up my confusion! i thought they only cmae in dynamic but i heard other people talking about condenser versions.
get a couple sm57s....you will definetly use them your entire life...they never go outa style