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Thread Bass Cab Mic

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1 Bass Cab Mic
Suggestions for live bass cab mics? thinking of getting a D112 or an Audix D6. Havent heard much on the D6. Advice?
I use a Beyer M88TG and I love it. Sounds much better than DI.

Quote: I use a Beyer M88TG and I love it. Sounds much better than DI.

Damn it, this just pisses me off!!!!! It's totally misleading to beginners when people start posting absolute statements as if it method X works a certain way in every situation.

Whlie the Beyer M88TG may be a great mic for bass cabs (and I'd like to try), I have a hard time believing that it will completely wipe out the need for a good DI. The reason they make DI's is simple. They work very well in certain instances....like any other piece of gear manufacturered.

I couldn't imagine big dog recording engineer using the same trick every single time. The same trick seldom works twice.

With that in mind, I've had good luck with 421s, AT4050s, and even SM 57s on bass cabinets.

I've had a few experiences with recording in a "real" studio and a lot in a home based studio. Here's what I've done. I like everything from Shure mics to AKG mics. They all serve a purpose and the more mics you have the better you'll be able to record what you hear in your head.

As far a DI is concerned. I have found that by recording 2 tracks (one DI and the other Mic'd) you'll have a really full bass sound that is easy to manipulate. I often run the DI completely try and add effects (if any) after the fact. I run all effects on the mic track. If possible try to record the DI and the Mic tracks in the same take. This will ensure that you don't get a lot of mud in the mix.
ditto on the suggestion of doing both DI and micing. Gives you alot of versatility if you can spare the extra track. As far as micing the cab, when I do so, its usually because theres something specific about the amp tone that i want to capture, and I select a mic based on that. Very often i find the uniqueness of a bass tone that i really like is the meaty, dirty sort of middle, in which case ill often use an SM57 and dial in the low end from the DI. If you're bass cab has something really cool going on on the low's though, the D112 is a great mic for anything that you want rich low tones on. I've also had luck with the sennheiser 421 for something like this.