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Thread Low rumble in condenser mic

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1 Low rumble in condenser mic
I have a Rode NT5 matched pair, and they aren't so matched any more...

One has developed a low-frequency rumble - almost like wind noise - that shows up pretty considerably at maximum gain levels, while its partner NT5 stays crisp and quiet.

Also, the problem mic will sometimes pop and click in a rustling sort of way in the low frequencies, sounding rather like a loose connection or bad mic cable. I checked that right away, thinking that's what it was ... definitely the microphone.

Handling the mic near the element with fingertips can cause the rustling, which makes me think something may be loose, but the noise also happens spontaneously when nobody is anywhere near the mic.

And the low wind-like rumble just stays constant, even to the point of coloring the sound toward the low.

Can anyone out there help me with this? I really like these mics and would like to know if they're repairable or I need some new ones.

Thanks a lot,
Greg Witulski
Grand Rapids, MI
The NT5s are so sensitive they sometimes pick up rumble from say air conditioning or even an outside street light. But if the problem is truly only with one mic then the mic sounds bad. If you have an 80 rumble filter, that may help.