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Thread I bought a M-audio bundle now i'm need to get a new mic

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1 I bought a M-audio bundle now i'm need to get a new mic
I'm 14 years old and rap www.myspace.com/crewmusiq but my sound when i rap is ok say's everybody else but i don't like it can you listen to it and tell me what kind of mic should i get for a resonable price and what kind of software i use mixcraft at this moment but i bought abelton live 6 but i just don't know how to use and you please help me out before i make a new song ......>>>>>>>>>>............ THANX YOU IF YOU REPLY
I don't know what you consider to be reasonable prices... but to get reasonable sound I would recommend starting out with a Shure SM-58 dynamic mic which go for about 100 or so last I checked. If you have a little more than thatI would recommend getting a condenser mic which would cost a little more but the sound would be much clearer and crisp. Next you would need a wind screen so you do not get that clipping sound whenever you say your S's or P's and what not.
To use these two pieces of gear effectively you would need an audio interface to get the sound into your computer at a high sample rate. You can get something like a Presonus Inspire for around 180. To be able to get your voice eq'd right then you would need some monitor headphones... you can get a pair for about 40. For ones that will give you a more true sound then it would cost around 100 for a pair.
If you have trouble with any of the terminology, get a book and start readinp :) ... good like bro, keep doing it.
Aye thanks for helping me but i'm looking at a condenser mic. MXL 990 Ribbon is the one i'm looking at it's around 100$$ i all ready have a pop filter and can you give me good recording software that is really self explanatory to use go to www.myspace.com/crewmusiq so you can see how my voice is seprate from the beat THANX AGAIN :??:
Audacity is free and its relatively easy to use
............... all right thanx again
One time i made a radio show on audacity and i didn't like it it's not that good. to me but
does it help you
Its aright for editing wave forms... but i don't use it at all. I only use cubase 4.
.............ok thanks have you used abelton 6?............
Igive you guys the best advice. Don't mess with mxl. Ribbon mics are not for
newbies by any means. Ribbon mics can break easily. The best that i've seen for the money is Sterling st51 for $99.99. this company was formally known as groove tubes. A well regarded mic and tube company. Also to get better warmth get you a 99 dollar tube pre before you go into your m audio interface. For someone starting out for cheap, is probably the best way to go. Leave Sm58 alone. They have been the same for the last 45 years. Sennheiser should be a good choice for a stage mic. There are other condensers you could use. I've already compared a lot of these 99.99 dolloar mics and the sterling brand which can be found at guitar Center is probably the cleanest out of the bunch.
....... :lol: thanks your the only person on this forums that helped me out i found that mic on guitar center where i always look. what were you talking about when you said get a pro tube before you use m-audio i thought you use a phantom before you plug in the mic....................... go to www.myspace.com/crewmusiq so you can hear how my music is recorded serperate from the beat can you tell me what you think about the music to ................ thanks