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Thread MIDI Interface

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1 MIDI Interface
Hey there, im not sure if this is in the right forum so please feel free to move if not :P

Right, my question is simple lol as im not very technically clued up on this subject so i need your advice before christmas please guys :D

Im currently setting up my home studio for writing and recording music and also learning how to use DJ software to mix etc. I have a good laptop running on XP but it has only a headphone output, wen i connect my laptop to my mixer ( Yamaha MG124c ) i get lots of interference as i direct connection.
I also have a piano (Korg SP300) and sound module (Roland XV5050) connected to my mixer.. i want to connect them all up using an interface too 1, elimite the interference when just playing music and also to set up and record music from piano etc ( also may use notation software at some point ).

My question is would this be able to do all of the above plus more : http://www.soundware.co.uk/sc/products/M-Audio%20Fast%20Track%20Pro

sorry bout the run on but i want to be sure before i buy. If ya need to know any more information then please feel free to ask

Thanks in advance

anyone???? :D