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Thread SX 2 WITH M-AUDIO OZONE - soundcard working but not midi controller

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1 SX 2 WITH M-AUDIO OZONE - soundcard working but not midi controller
in the past this has worked perfectly fine.

i have sx2 with a m-audio ozone midi keyboard (this has builtin soundcard)

recently due to several vst'snot working i decided to remove cubase etc and start again using onlythe vst's that worked properly. everythin works except forthe keyboard.the soundcard in the back works fine and when i open a vst i.e PRO53 as astand alone unit the keyboard works fine with it but when i open any instrument in cubase it does nothing.

in the tranport bar the red channel on the right flashes when i press a key etc so it knows the keyboard is there but nothing happens

any help wouldbe very greatful
ok....so after alot of messing around i finally managed to get this working

the system is set to full duplex and all is ok but every now and then when i playin an instrument or even if the track is playin, it starts to crackle and gets very badly distored for a few mintues and then it will correct its self..

at random points it will do this again and again.the cpu is not under to much stress and there is no obvious signs of a problem...

any help with this would be fantastic and greatly appreciated

i have realised what this is so will post new thread with regards to this