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Thread Connecting synth. to comp. problem

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1 Connecting synth. to comp. problem
Well, you see, I have a Yamaha PSR-450, just recently I got the MIDI cable (Yamaha UX16), I've upgraded the drivers of the MIDI cab to the latest and all. I can play the samples of FLStudio very well in the program, hearing all that I'm playing, the same for Reaktor... But how can I play the original voices of my synthesizer on those programs (or whatever ones, name them please) and record the stuff? Y'know, I've tried that in ACID Pro, and I've managed to record the midi sequence, but while I was playing that, there was no preview sound in my headphones, and later, when I tried to play the sequence, it started playing through my keyboard instead of my headphones, hell, I've probably got the input and output settings a bit mixed up on my comp. Well, can anyone help me solve this problem?

But a long story cut short, how can I record the synth's original voices onto my comp (in the most convenient manner), being able to save the recorded stuff in .wav format later, tell me about your experience. Thanks.

i'm a bit confused by the post, however i think i understand what the issues are that your having. first your trying to record the sounds that your vst's are producing from your midi controller? if this is the case. you can use acid to load up the vst's (making sure that all your midi settings are correct in acid) and add a midi track click the record enable and make sure that the output of the midi track is going into the vst' and the input of the midi track is your midi controller. it will record the midi sequence after you are satisfied with that. you can render each midi sequence as a wave file and bring it back into acid. and then record another sound or vst'. if this is not what you are looking for i apoligize and repost what exactly your trying to do and what software versions you are using and what i overlooked. and i'll get back w/ you