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Thread midi keyboard / usb interface ... tearing my hair out.

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1 midi keyboard / usb interface ... tearing my hair out.
I have a Mac running OSX and a yamaha P-140. Recently purchased a EDIROL (roland) UM-1 ex midi/usb interface in a bid to enter the modern world.

Follow the manual word for word but when in Audio midi setup within midi devices tab and click on test setup there is just a repeated noise, similar to when you repeated hold a key down on a computer keyboard. The light on the edirol for midi in is also permanently on. it seems like there is a permanent strange signal going from the keyboard to the computer.

any idea? I have trawled through the web for days now without any joy. Appreciate any help. thxs
Don't know if this helps - but I had this type of behavior when I had the Midi cables reversed?

Best of luck with this!