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Thread Problems Connecting up Synth & Nuendo

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1 Problems Connecting up Synth & Nuendo
Hey guys..

Total noob question, but I've been wanting to start to sequence stuff from my keyboard and I can't quite figure out how its done.

I have MIDI In & Out connected to my SB Audigy card, and I can add my synth (MS2000) in the MIDI Device Manager in Nuendo.. I turn off my local, and yet its not controlling anything.. is there something I'm forgetting?

I'm sure I have my MIDI channels set the same.. what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)

I will do that.. thanks for all your help KitC :)
Would be a bit limiting without another midi device to connect to. Even sending patch change messagess between 2 midi devices will be enough to test for midi output and continuity. There used to be a 'midi bug' hardware tester that you could connect to midi outlets/cables to test for cable continuity and midi signal. You could also try downloading Midi-Ox, it's great for diagnosing midi faults and messages, and it's free for personal use.
Hmm.. well I know that cubase (switched over to) is gettin midi messages, so I changed the cable coming out of my audigy, and still nothing. I don't actually have another interface, but I doubt its my hardware. I've only had this card a while and it was bought brand new.
Is there any way I can test this?
Same with the MIDI In on my keyboard.. any way to know for sure?
Well, I fired up cubase and assigned the output port to my Korg. I can select banks and patches at will from within cubase so I'm thinking that maybe the midi cable you're using is defective. Do you have access to another midi interface aside from the Audigy's midi port? That way you can rule out that the midi in of the MS isn't defective.

What's the channel of the midi track you created? As far as I remember, the MS is 4 note polyphonic but 2 voice multitimbral, so you could theoretically control it with 2 midi channels. Assuming your global channel is 1, assigning midi channels 1 and 2 to the cubase tracks would allow you to control the MS. Just looking at the possibilities...
Hi KitC.. I realized after you post that I forgot to mention a couple things..

Nuendo is almost identical to cubase in that way.. when I open up a new project, I create a midi track. I can hit on my keyboard, and I can see MIDI messages firing. I have no problems controlling VST through my keyboard.. I'm just not able to control my keyboard itself through nuendo. I'd like to be able to automate the features this keyboard provides.. thanks
What is it you wish to control? The MS2000 or a softsynth? If Nuendo is anything like Cubase, you have to add a midi track first and assign it to the proper output. If the midi cables are properly connected, you should be able to see activity in the midi indicator in the transport controls. If the midi indicator doesn't light up, your midi connections might be reversed - remember, the cable labelled midi out goes to the midi in port on the MS2000 and vice versa. Setting the MS to local off is correct since Cubase/Nuendo defaults to midi thru mode.