CME WIDI-X8 midi wireless
CME WIDI-X8 midi wireless

WIDI-X8 midi wireless, MIDI Interface from CME.

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James Scott 01/16/2011

CME WIDI-X8 midi wireless : James Scott's user review


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In my home studio cables accumulate and this solution without son is handy and functional.
use only computer music
pc quadro
8gb ram
1 tera DD, all under Windows 7


hyper stable drivers, the box plugs directly into USB and is recognized automatically by the {pc plug and play]
I use it with Reason 5


in fact I ordered a keyboard master with UF80 widi integrated system and was delivered a classic without widi UF80, so I reported the problem to the supplier who sent me 2 boxes free from cme widi x8.
I am very happy because it works perfectly with both my pc with my Roland U220 sound module that is no longer very young