M-Audio Midisport 4x4
M-Audio Midisport 4x4

Midisport 4x4, MIDI Interface from M-Audio in the Midisport series.

Spawn-X 03/16/2012

M-Audio Midisport 4x4 : Spawn-X's user review

«  Absolute reliability ... A reference. »

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I would not enter into the description of the characteristics that are of a very known, and secondly, do not need to have taken a postgraduate course for understanding.

>>> For what purpose?
For which it is designed: Interfacing MIDI devices such as keyboards, expander, sampler, FX, drum machine, etc., with a computer so they can communicate via software whether it's a DAW ( Cubase or other) or publishing software dedicated to a particular machine.

What is your >>> config (Motherboard / CPU / RAM / Disk, ...)?
Since its acquisition, I changed at least 5 or 6 times to computer. So hard to say. However, it has always worked perfectly with each of them. An example of reliability!

>>> What instruments or systems you use it? ...
Almost all types from those mentioned just above. I MIDIfié guitarist (guitar synth) and so I had to tweak a lot routing software side. The 4x4 has always acted to perfection.
I only regret one thing, the fact that it can not run standalone (without computer) since it involves no possibility of internal routing. This is really a MIDI interface for computer hard-line. M ^ m long, with only 4 in / out, opportunities for internal routing would have quickly found its limits ... So ...


>>> The drivers are stable?
It is an understatement. Not experienced any crash in more than 10 years of use ...

Are they >>> often updated?
More for a while, but m ^ m long, is it useful?
I just hope M-Audio Midiman alias will survive the updates for future OS PCs, because the interface begins to age and I fear that one day she is no longer compatible with modern operating systems. It is feared, but for now, I think we still have a few good years of use ahead.

>>> What software do you use most often?
Mainly Cubase (VST from this interface), Ableton Live, Reason, and of course the graphics editing software of my machines. Oh, and of course the utilities current style Midi Yoke, etc. ...

>>> Do you ever happen to saturate the MIDI interface and if so, under what circumstances?
Projects sometimes despite never fully charged. COPY that I tell you!


>>> How long you use it?
As mentioned above, for over 10 years.

>>> What is special that you love the most, least?
The +:
-Stabilité/fiabilité Use copy
-Ease of use / implementation.
-Quality of construction
-The flashy look older versions like mine.

THE -:
-Uh ... Simplicity?
-The requirement to use a computer (we would have liked to use it as fill patch / standalone router)
-The look dull and not horny recent versions ... Well yes, you have to find something negative to say ...

Did you >>> tried many other models before buying it?
Yes, some of which models past or parallel-port ISA. It's time ...

How do you >>> the price / quality ratio?
Absolutely excellent view of the life of the product!

>>> With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Definitely yes for the intended use. I once regretted the limitation to 4 in / out to get me to buy the 8x8 version which I was disappointed. The 4x4 is always at his post and given its argus in secondhand, I doubt the resell one day ...