Sony MZ-R55
Sony MZ-R55

MZ-R55, MiniDisc Deck from Sony in the MZ series.

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Drummerguy 04/01/2008

Sony MZ-R55 : Drummerguy's user review

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I've owned this mini disc player/recorder for about 4 years now and it really has been instrumental in my musical development.

Unfortunately the mini disc never really caught on, and now that things like the Ipod and Zoom H4 are out they're probably going to be pretty obsolete in just a short while (regular discs are becoming harder and harder to find and are most readily available used on ebay).

If you're looking for an inexpensive mini disc player/recorder this really is a great little piece of machinery. It records in digital quality, but it only exports in analog through a line out 1/8th inch stereo plug, and you have to export your recordings manually- as in hook the audio out from the mini disc player to the audio in on your computer, then hit record on your computer then play on the mini disc player and let the whole track play. This is honestly kind of annoying especially with things like the Zoom H4 out where all you have to do is record straight to wav or mp3 on the device, then just dump it on your computer.

One thing this specific model doesn't have is a variable line in setting (or basically you can't mix the sound thats coming into the mini disc player), although it does have a 'mic sensitivity' SWITCH for either low or high sensitivity (pretty lame honestly).

Because they're falling quickly by the wayside, I wouldn't really recommend buying ANY mini disc player/recorder right now, unless you're really broke. They make a really great and handy field recorder and are great for bootlegging shows and such but there are just better things out there to do all of that with nowadays that you don't have to download onto your computer in real time (like the Zoom H4).