Hosa YPP-111
Hosa YPP-111

YPP-111, Other Cable/Connector from Hosa.

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moosers 03/17/2011

Hosa YPP-111 : moosers's user review


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The Hosa YPP-111 is a simple 1/4" Y splitter that splits a single 1/4" male into two 1/4" female jacks. It's useful in all sorts of situations, as I've got one at home for multi-purpose usage. Mostly, I use it for home audio purposes for splitting a signal to go to two speakers, but I've used it in a number of capacities around my home studio as well. I have a few different 1/4" Y splitters, but recently by Planet Waves got broken so the Hosa YPP-111 has take over as my main one. It's not something that I use on a daily basis, but it's definitely something that I need to have around as I like to be prepared for whatever sorts of connections I might need to make. This isn't nearly as sturdy or well built as my old Planet Waves one, but it will definitely get the job done in situations where it's not critical to have the best connection possible. It's not like this will give you a bad or unreliable connection at all, it's just not gold plated or anything like that. The Hosa YPP-111 is the 1/4" Y splitter that I would go with if I'm just looking to have one around and not looking to spend much money at all. You can get one for even cheaper most likely, but anything cheaper than this I wouldn't count on lasting too long. If you do want something a bit better, I'd still go with the Planet Waves version even though I did mention that mine broke. However, it wasn't really due to the product itself as it was kind of a freak accident where the male piece broke off. Still, the Hosa YPP-111 is the one I'd recommend in most situations due to the price...