Steinberg Key
Steinberg Key

Key, Computer Keyboard from Steinberg.

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Spawn-X 03/27/2012

Steinberg Key : Spawn-X's user review

«  A strings attached ... necessary ... »

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Like all protection system, it finally brings its constraints and little benefit if it is what it has done is to say, protect software from piracy ...

Well, over time, one would have hoped that Steinberg is at least the good idea to use the storage capacity (probably low, certainly, but when m ^ m) to allow, for example, the user of store its configuration profiles or presets Cubase VSTi / fx, but not ...

Fortunately for us ... and Steinberg Cubase 6 seems to hold out against crackers. So one might think that the dongle in its current version is at least effective enough to justify the inconvenience to its user that we are official ...

Speak in disadvantages: Fragile, uni-function (see above), making-of-mind if by chance you forget it at home, in short, a real troublemaker in the round of sequencing.

If I could do without, it would not refuse, but as I'm honest, I do not see how it could happen unless a reversal of policy to protect Steinberg ...