Atari Falcon
Atari Falcon

Falcon, Other Computer from Atari.

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flacon030 04/06/2007

Atari Falcon : flacon030's user review


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Hello all
I have my personal falcon since its release, namely in 1993.
Before that I had a 1040STE.
I took it for its audio quality, the PC had not at that time.
I personally do not use the MIDI part, but only the audio portion of the raptor.
6990Frs has taken for his time, he offered more than just a PC, and as I see 1993 as I could already play MP3 with the DSP has only 32MHz, it is still dream.
In addition a team of CT60, it's still a very nice machine.

Advised all those who want to start a music-making head way.
And if by chance you have a SPDIF, many things become possible.

Also the graphics with apps like APEX, is no exception.
There is also excelling Calamus SL (which is still in development, we are at version 2006).