Atari Falcon
Atari Falcon

Falcon, Other Computer from Atari.

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airaim 02/16/2006

Atari Falcon : airaim's user review


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I use the Falcon since 1997. It was customized for his departure (RCA line-in, increase the max ram). What I admire is its reliability and intelligence, with 14 mega of RAM, it's amazing stuff. At the time I bought it, and I took time to make up my mind, the PC (200mgz) continued to stammer in midday was all a matter of translating. Today, he is unbeatable toutjours noon. Cubase-Audio works great on it. the score function that I use all the time is great. Good course for the audio, you need time, a beefy hard drive and a CD burner. What to remember is that this is the first machine to come out with a microphone jack on the back, while SCSI acquisition impeccable ability to normalize after). Of course, I had Atari 1024 (inflated to 4 am), obviously it looks like a prehistoric man with it. I do not regret that the issues regarding to switch to PC or Mac that I meet today. But I continue to admire this machine, and I hope to have the same address on the new machines with Cubase Audio Falcon. For the use I make it serves me well.