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Open Labs MiKo Timbaland Special Edition
Open Labs MiKo Timbaland Special Edition

Thread Miko Timba; Great Product but unacceptable supply

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1 Miko Timba; Great Product but unacceptable supply
Hi There.

All those into computer music are aware of this marvel.

However, the supply from Open Labs is really lousy if not unacceptable. I ordered a Miko Timba around January 2008 from an online Store in Germany.
The delivery dates are not respected. On each of my calls I am told by the Store in Germany that some units have been shipped but obviously Open Labs is purely taking in orders, without having the necessary logistics to honour the supply.

Just remember, if you wanna purchase one of these Miko's, keep in mind that the delivery dates are reallllllllly loooooong. So if you are last on a waiting list, be prepared to wait more then the 6 to 8 weeks that Open Labs claims. I have been waiting since january but I think I'm gonna cancel my pending order from that online store in Germany, as the units are supplied drop by drop. Not a very decent manner of doing business I would say.....

The delivery dates of new units to Europe are a better kept secret then president Bush's cell phone number!!! At one point you just get fed up of waiting and look somewhere else....no matter how great the concept may be....Us British are patient but really this is a bit too much!!!!

If delivery deadlinies float with such inefficiency, how can we trust customer service later on? What if the unit has a problem? How are we sure that once sent back to the factory it won't take another 6 months to repair? What if it takes 2 weeks for somebody at customer service just to get back to you? Who to trust?

...sorry guys but these are legitimate concerns considering that there is such a slow service for european customers on delivery dates and that each week the delivery date in pushed away by two weeks....

Have you received it yet?