Ibanez EDB605
Ibanez EDB605
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KiCo 05/21/2004

Ibanez EDB605 : KiCo's user review


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24 frets, active pickups, the handle slides well, the body is pleasant! The only downside, the pr c slap! c pr shooting sometimes hard to wait for the rope in the middle (pr me as the agreement, corresponds to the ca)!


Access to acute is easy, and the sound is loud jams, which happens on some bass! it is a reasonable weight! Finally, the user must see! I have a friend, he finds it heavy, ms c a weakling! Finally, qd same, after 3 hours on the shoulder, it was a little sore! otherwise pr sound settings, nothing to say! 5 knobs: high, medium, low, volume and balance and gnral! pr shape, it's going, she is very pretty, I think!


Bah, I play regularly in the metal, and frankly, it provides! ms I play punk, and rock, and pr + snapping sound, no pb! like to play reggae with friends, qq ptits settings, and voila! Finally, the black knobs st, and the body is gray! c dc gallery sometimes find the levels of knobs


Ben, I use it for 2 months! I know, it is not longtps, ms I pass the GST change the sounds with a good bass player! Moreover, he is convinced he will buy the EDB 605, EDC 715 or! like this, ibanez, whatever people may say, no c shit! ca has a sound from, of course, ms he pleases! most c! frankly, +, 600, ca va! agree, is the spitting, you're not disappointed ms! in +, must be ordered! in France, I would have to wait two months, almost 3, while in Belgium, 10d, the silent order, received, paid! Manufacturing in Holland, c pr ca! and frankly, if CTA again, I would do it again! I am frankly disappointed that no bass! I highly recommend !!!!!