Ibanez SR605
BoboFLo 05/07/2012

Ibanez SR605 : BoboFLo's user review

«  Super low! »

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see the features here: http://www.ibanez.com/BassGuitars/model-SR605


Channel pleasant, typical of the thin SR series, but a little too late for me.
This bass is super lightweight and easy to play.
access to acute is easy. The sound is versatile we get what we want quickly by tampering with the knobs


Great for slap through microphones (Barto MK-1), however the gap between the strings is quite small.
The sound is rather round and warm.
I mainly play on ampeg BA-108 and the top is made.


I use it since January, this is my first 5 string.
I like this bass but I will not repeat this choice because I'm not fan of 5 strings.
What I like most about this bass is the handling and electronics. The value for money is very good, you do not pay the mark but only the bass.