Ibanez SR605
Fredglass 11/10/2013

Ibanez SR605 : Fredglass's user review

«  A good bass! »

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For me, a 5-string bass = perfect symmetry. When you're on the A string you can choose to go nab a full range higher octave or full range on the lower octave. Similarly, the handle 24 cases of this SR605 provides access to two full octaves.

The SR605 is my first "clean" low. Previously I have a Cort Action, a real shovel and a short scale in the Custom 77, unplayable. In comparison, the SR 605 provides a very comfortable game even if it is for a five-string.

The equalizer on the body of the guitar can sound good to vary at will. We can go from jazz to hard upset. In short, it is a versatile bass.


Nice wish to handle. I quickly moved to the five-string bass and the SR605 has made me forget my 4 string that I had before. As a former beginner (!), I wanted to go to the 5 strings because it seemed more logical to me. With SR 605 to the handle end, it does not seem to me + complicated. Better have a damn good 5-string 4 strings that difficult to handle. Access to acute is easy.


Anything is possible, I think. The downside is that with this kind of instrument general, as good as it is, the sound is pretty much boilerplate and typed. I play with a lot of mediums and here does. In sum, this instrument has good sound no surprises but pleasant surprise either. The sound is "just" good, so 7/10.


I use this bass for a year and a half. I only had two low before (see above) and since then I've tried two others. The first word that comes to mind to describe this bass is "comfort" because the bass is light, ergonomic (and I have very small hands) and the handle is fine. I like the approach of the 5 strings and I think the SR 605 allows anyone (novice or not) to tackle it.

The feature I like least: the body of the instrument is made with quality wood that is very, very tender. I am very careful with my instrumentals but even if you take care of the SR605 as your first girlfriend or your last car (or vice versa for the most romantic), the body of the instrument is forced to suffer the vagaries of time : micro scratches and other small SOFC.

Bought 300 euros OCCAZ (I said it sagit a lefty model, so a little less discoverable in OCCAZ) in a more respectable status, I would do without this choice problem. This is a very good bass for beginners to 5 strings (or low in general for that matter). A little lacking in personality, yes, but a versatile instrument with which there are no surprises and that fits all styles of play