Ibanez SR605
Gib*51 10/02/2011

Ibanez SR605 : Gib*51's user review


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- Electric Bass active (9v) IBANEZ
- 5 Strings
- SR Series
- 2 pickups Bartolini MK1
- Equalizer Bartolini MK1
- Black hardware
- Ash body
- Bolt-SR4 jatoba and bubinga (5 parts).
- Rosewood
- Bridge Accu-Cast B20
- Strings Elixir (I ride Ernie Ball Regular 45/130)


- Easy bewildering game I have small hands and plays ieurs + hours without fatigue rehearsals and concerts.
- The string spacing at the bridge is 16.5 mm only.
- Access to acute (24 frets) is very easy: the body of the bass is well studied.
- Ash is a light wood compared to mahogany.
- With Bartolini preamp, the sound palette is very broad: Personally, I like the round pêchus sounds but is accessed treble and midrange sounds for + "modern Pb free.


I absolutely hate anything about Ibanez.
Here, I think, about its qualities:

- Amazing game Comfort: Ibanez .... like guitars.
- Low weight: you can play for hours without fatigue.
- The sound palette: Barto preamp and pickups.
- It is well constructed (never spent with the Luthier).
- She is beautiful ash, the wood grain, I love.


I play with this low since March 2010. (20 concerts and repetition fortnightly)
I had in my younger years a Fender Precision Bass US (1971) which I separated because I was playing more music Because family, job, etc.
Yes I know, I made a huge crap !!!!
I had since then not tested many instruments knowing that in the problem of sound research there is not the instrument used, far from it: Amps, Effects and incidentally the musician himself .. .lol.
In fact even if we recommend trying the instrument before buying it, is not so obvious in the end.

SR 605 is well worth a visit for the quality price ratio.