Lakland USA 55-94 Deluxe
Lakland USA 55-94 Deluxe

USA 55-94 Deluxe, 5+ string bass guitar from Lakland in the USA series.

alg8598 02/20/2011

Lakland USA 55-94 Deluxe : alg8598's user review

«  The divinity of the bass is she? if so do Lakland is not far »

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Manufacturing USA
Bridge Lakland oval, round and flat outer end, although wide (5 CORDRA), Ebony (fretless obliges) and composite marks, 20 marks, Bartolini pickups, a JB and another double standard.
Active bass with volume, mic selector, bass mids and highs, transparent blue finish table type "quilt" Channel


extra flat and thin, although wide (5 CORDRA), a "Highway" to American, placing extremely accurate, ergonomics and absolutely flawless perfect balance in play standing or sitting. Excellent access to acute, many sounds are terrible and a groove is obtained in minutes.


Yes it is an instrument with real soul, snoring and mild, with subtlety. I play with a Markbass Little Mark II and a baffle NY604; punch and precision terrible preamp the bass is there for something. A little difficult to get the good seed of his, because we do not understand the balance settings right away, but when there is ...


I use it for two months, and I put right on the money, I love her personality, like a 4-94 that I play 4-string fretted, instruments that have finally a soul, it's expensive, rare, but they are really worth and I understand why many bassists showbiz use overseas. I remake this choice with your eyes closed, I prefer it even to Alembic (not the same spirit, however).