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Mayones Be 6

5+ string bass guitar from Mayones belonging to the Be series.

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jeff carnal lust jeff carnal lust
Publié le 03/26/08 à 12:30
6-string bass, 24 frets Bolt
Amazaque solid-body, curved
5-round games: 3 of amazaque, 2 nets Maple, Rosewood fingerboard
-2 + Pavers Bartolini Bartolini preamp
-Knobs: volume, micro scale, serious, doctor, fever. The bass and treble are stacked
-Made in Poland

Note that Mayones offers a wide range of options: Hipshot, bridge, choice of microphones, the preamp, choice of wood of the table for other models of low enrollment custom


Use: 10/10

The grip is immediate.
The handle is fine and well adjusted, the correct weight, ergonomic body, very pleasant to touch, finishing exemplary, treble readily accessible, the perfect string spacing.
Once one takes in hand, we feel like letting go, as it is enjoyable to play, addiction is instantaneous.
¨ For my part, I wear it low, this does not prevent me from being very comfortable.
The handle is a massive opportunity in which we can afford large bursts of speed, while maintaining its unmatched purity. In addition the instrument is perfectly balanced.


Sounds: 10/10

I tried it on a small 30W amp, a Trace Elliot Commando 15 and a Behringer Vamp pro. Each time it sounds serious, even on the small amp. I put the corrections severe acute medium to zero and the micro scale and I find that the sound is already excellent, very hot. Playing with the micro scale, we get already an incredible range of sounds.
At this point, I really wonder what is the use of an active electronic instrument, fiddling with the knobs that I see with amazement that she is here to magnify an already excellent sound.
The corrections are super efficient and everything can turn in any direction, the sound is always good.
I who was a follower of liability, this mail has definitely won, because of its efficiency, its fishing and its ability to not distort the sound of this exceptional coffee, he even keeps all the heat.

In addition, the preamp Barto is easy to use, there is a rapidly without breaking his head
- Round and soft jazz
- Slamming the slap
- Punchy and fat to rock
- A little dirty pop and grunge
- Monumental and aggressive to the metal

The game is breathtaking in line, clear or slightly saturated as the pressure is exerted with the fingers, we almost take for a guitarist.
Whatever you do, you have a great precision in the attacks.
The knobs conveniently placed (good idea stacking the bass / treble) can even change its off during a song.


Overall opinion: 10/10

This bass is huge, completely versatile. It's perfect!
I tried it with some friends of beef in a book rock blues, once I sell my jazz bass and my precision that have become totally obsolete, it broke on its own ground Fender.
Then it was finally the rehearsal with my band Carnal Lust (death metal goes well in it). Armed with an Ampeg SVP Pro preamp, compressor DBX 163 X, all connected to a 3-body Ampeg, it was the third World War, the well was heavy and thick with an incredible punch to clean and separate attacks despite the speed.
The ergonomics of this bass made me feel at ease and headbanging on the double bass drum cataclysmic my drummer. The sound pierced the wall of guitars (the granted) and throat singing without the cover, so our songs have taken a potato never experienced before.
While this low is not given, but pat on the high end. Mayones can dress many of its competitors (too standardized and inflate their prices by name) as per the finish by the sound and customshop. Moreover, it is beautiful.
I strongly advise all bass players regardless of style, the addiction is immediate. I look forward to Be fretless 5 I ordered.
I welcome the passage of Matthew MY Music, French distributor of Mayones for his kindness and great professionalism.


Jeff, Carnal Lust, a victim of the Mayo's addiction
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