Schecter Stiletto Studio-5
Schecter Stiletto Studio-5

Stiletto Studio-5, 5+ string bass guitar from Schecter in the Stiletto series.

sovietbass 01/28/2008

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 : sovietbass's user review


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Low made in Korea, assembled and adjusted in the USA. 24 Frets, 2 EMG active pickups Hz (18v!!), Bridge-type simple and effective (2réglages: action and accuracy, that is).

The handle is a conductor, a volume knob, a knob balance microphones and 3 knobs for EQ + / - 12 dB for bass mids and highs.

everything you need where you need it, my opinion is missing just one switch active-passive, it could have been interesting!


The English Channel is just great: quick end, and pleasant to the touch.
Access to the treble is almost too easy!
destabilizes the ergonomics a bit at first because the pitch is rather large (35 ") while the body is quite heavy colas ... bringing me down rather low, I put a little time to find a position that Memet comfortable with the instrument. The instrument is very pleasant to the touch, the varnish is particularly sweet .... and the bass is very easy to play. In terms of sound, the pickups are very well their job, and we arrive at a just about anything we want with this bass: the correction of mediums is just a bit confusing, it acts more as outline ...

in the global good. I'm in love.


I play the big sound very serious, and she does it very well. The Grave is very accurate, probably relative to the large pitch. I play on a Gallien-Krueger 1001 RB II which leaves very well spend more incisive timbre of the instrument. In the treble, the sound can be very mild, the blow is very solotage agréable.Elle is just because of its pitch not easy to handle in the grave at the beginning (I mimine small but ....) it is ....


For 900 Euros, I found a bass that bends many other instruments in the same price range, including Cort B5 that I used before, I have found no better at the moment in 5-string LEFT; a handed him may find it more easily but competing in the limited choices we have in other leftists 5 string of good quality at less than 1000 euros, this one is well above the lot. But widely.

I referrer this choice without hesitation, and I put 10 in global opinion by stressing the fact that being left-handed, I have less benchmarks than normal people.