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5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V [2004-Current]

    Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V [2004-Current] - "Fender Deluxe Active Jazz"


    I play everything, bass, guitar, drums, keys, vocals... mainly bass though! I've been playing nearly 4 years, and in true bedroom-artist style I have practically stayed in and learnt music for pretty much most of those 4 years... I bought it online …

  • Ibanez SR905

    Ibanez SR905 - "Ibanez SR905"


    I play bass in a Christian Rock band known as Not Empty. We started writing music about 8 months ago, and at the time play a couple shows a month. I have played bass guitar for 5 years. I bought the SR 905 from Musician's Friend as a much needed upg…

  • Schecter C-5

    Schecter C-5 - "Schecter C-5"


    Bass Guitar - 16 Years Purchased from Musician's Friend to use as a backup while on stage. Ended up becoming more my primary! Excellent playability, tone and construction. Electronics are superb! Action is set up beautifully out of the box! Sup…

  • Ibanez SR506

    Ibanez SR506 - "Ibanez SR506"


    My name is Anthony Way. I have been playing bass for 27 years. I am currently the bassist for The Adopted - www.theadopted.com I am a fan of alternative rock music including Pearl Jam, I Mother Earth, Cold Play...etc. I actually owned 3 Ibanez SR s…

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5 String"


    Been playing bass for about 30 years. Currently play a 4-string Spellbinder bass (by Stanley Clarke and Tom Lieber), and a 10-string Chapman Stick. Wanted an inexpensive 5-string to mess with, but wanted one that wasn't a complete washout. Research …

  • Peavey Cirrus 6

    Peavey Cirrus 6 - "Peavey Cirrus (6 string bass)"


    Been playing keyboard for 25 years, and began playing bass in just the last 8 years. Play christian, smooth jazz, and R&B. Purchased from Brook Mays music, in the Spring of 03. For a 6-string bass, it is light weight and the neck is not as wide as …

  • Schecter C-5

    Schecter C-5 - "Schecter C-5"


    In studio band, playing rock based music- mostly progressive rock. Acquired via musiciansfriend.com for $499. Bought this bass to add a 5 string to my collection for the low B versatility. Didn't want to spend alot because I still am primarily a 4 s…

  • Ibanez BTB1006E

    Ibanez BTB1006E - "Ibanez BTB 1006E"


    Bass player 5 yrs. Alt/Contemp.Christian Band & also church worship band jazz, alt, rock, classical, gospel, I like it all at times Got it on Ebay for $611.00. I couldn't believe the price. I've wanted one of these for a looong time. It was wor…

  • Yamaha RBX6JM

    Yamaha RBX6JM - "Yamaha RBX6JM"


    I bought the bass through a swedish website, where people sell used instruments and other musical stuff(http://www.vendolin.se/) and paid 5000 sek. I'd guess that's like 600-650 us dollars. I had been thinking about buying a 6-string for a while, …

  • Yamaha RBX5A2

    Yamaha RBX5A2 - "Yamaha RBX5"


    Bought from eBay for USD 250. I wanted better than an "entry-level" 5-string bass with a limited budget to spare. As usual I turned to Yamaha and found what I wanted. This bass is over 12 years old, not to be confounded with the current RBX-series. T…