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5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Zon Legacy Elite 6

    Zon Legacy Elite 6 - bass shaman's review


    -Made in the USA by Joe Zon -34 ", 24 frets, 2 humbuckers Bartolini Bartolini preamp NTMB (low + acute + low med med high, balance Micos, volume push-pull active / passive) ABM bridge Carbon-set neck UTILIZATION Round-nice for a 6 string in…

  • WSL Guitars Play Me Hard 5

    WSL Guitars Play Me Hard 5 - Acefreshley's review


    Bass French brand made in Korea. Ash body with maple table scalded. 5-piece maple neck. Touche ébonal. Benchmarks stars. WSL microphones positioned HH, active electronics. A volume, a micro balance, a 3-band equalizer (treble, mid, bass) Gr…

  • Ibanez SR1005EFM

    Ibanez SR1005EFM - djoulow's review


    Lower manufactured in Korea. neck-in 5 parts. mono rail bridge of excellent quality, really top tip for the settings. the pickups are brand Bartolini, coupled to an electronic active (low, mid and Aiguier with a frequency control for mediums.…

  • Yamaha BBG5

    Yamaha BBG5 - tiyoune's review


    Low Japanese well finished. Its handle is nice for a 5 string, you soon. My model is a BBG5A so active and that changes everything. Wide range of sounds available, funk, slap took jazz to the big rock sound. the settings are on low multiples. UTILI…

  • Ibanez EDB555

    Ibanez EDB555 - IbaneZMAC's review


    Country of manufacture? uh ... Japan .. but certainly I know it comes from Italy. 24 frets, Seymour Duncan Volume, balance microphone tone Channel ... how to say .. superb! UTILIZATION Channel pleasant? yes! Lager and not too late, it suits…

  • Harley Benton B-500

    Harley Benton B-500 - ventilo's review


    I glue myself because if the string has four more notices, no one has mentioned the five-string ... For specifications check out the seller: o) Basically it is a five-string bass with active electronics, no equivalent on the market at this price (a s…

  • Michael Kelly Guitars Dragonfly 5

    Michael Kelly Guitars Dragonfly 5 - Mcjs's review


    5 string fretless acoustic bass made in China under U.S. control (as usual, we will say in this price range). Black finish, inlay button. Look really effective, much more beautiful in reality than in the picture (I bought it without ever seeing it in…

  • Mayones Elegance 5

    Mayones Elegance 5 - andrebonnin's review


    Made by the luthier who also bump warwik Poland Driver Channel Version with microphones and Bartolini preamp Aguilar UTILIZATION Round easy access to acute easier, a little heavy. The sound is easy to obtain but a small "training" will high…

  • Traben Bass Company Phoenix 5 Cordes Custom Black Fade

    Traben Bass Company Phoenix 5 Cordes Custom Black Fade - Mooskitoo's review


    Wood-Basswood Body with Quilt Maple Top Neck-5 Piece Maple and Walnut Scale Length-35 "scale (string prvoyez long scale) Rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets Bridge Design-Tribal Flame Pickups-Traben Custom Combo Nut-Chrome Plated Brass Inlay…

  • Tune Guitar Technology Somnus Zi-II 6

    Tune Guitar Technology Somnus Zi-II 6 - vax.nsk's review


    5-string bass made in Japan (Japanese luthier). -First into the ciculation 01/02/89. -Ash body / mahogany. Channel 4 part maple. -Ebony. -24 Frets. -Tune. Micros-Delano SBC5 ET / S. Electronics-East-Uk (Epro) BTB 01.Volume, bakance, b…

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