Yamaha BB605
Yamaha BB605

BB605, 5+ string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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brouzouf 10/10/2006

Yamaha BB605 : brouzouf's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 box
micro single coil
active eq: bass, treble, cut the mids.
Note: the original strings are rotten.


Handle large enough (this is my first 5c) but in the end very comfortable, no particular concern.
For access to acute, there are better but nothing insurmountable.
It is not particularly heavy, the overall comfort suits me perfectly.

It yardstick versatility but it is true that it is difficult to find on the "good sound". 7 because of the time going to adjust the sound.


Days I mostly rock, metal. It should because it has a neutral sound that fits any style. If we add more of the eq settings, microphones and the knob used to designate the cutoff frequency of mediums you can actually touch any style ... provided they spend a little time.
Neutral sound with eq is very hot, he looks a bit like that of jazz, less typical.
But the sound is clear we feel that we are a force.
With the switch can be switched mid move to a perfect sound for slap or nu metal.


I've had five months, the highlight is the opportunity to shape the sound very effectively, because I like the change.
As one can blame him against a lack of personality.

I tried to rob a Cort Elrick, an Ibanez Ergodyne, ROCKBASS a corvette and a Traben.
This is the one that pleased me most in versatility and playability

The price / quality ratio is excellent, less than 500 €, it's worth, the construction is impeccable.

My next bass will surely have a big personality is one of its lesser range, my tastes refined.