Yamaha TRB1006
Yamaha TRB1006

TRB1006, 5+ string bass guitar from Yamaha.

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Francois_Bass 09/14/2008

Yamaha TRB1006 : Francois_Bass's user review


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It is made in Japan
24 frets


Super fast neck
Access to acute is very easy also been especially acute in
The weight is very decent compared to other 6-string
For sound, I think it takes a little fiddling to get exactly what you want, you sometimes get a little
I put 8 in the sound


I play on a Hartke 3500 bass stack with a 4 times 10, I lacated still need a good power lice have a good sound with a low active.
It depends on what you want but I like her very close to leveling with TRB6PII I use and I can not put € 3500!
Personally, I prefer to slap his snapping and tapping but it depends on the technique you use, for conres for the merger, I prefer the sound a little fatter.


I use it for over a year.
I think its excellent balance.
I try several low price in this game, I will not mention names, but I prefer the Yamaha for all the bridges mentioned above compare to some more expensive bass.
I found that whoever wishes to spend on 6 strings will not regret moving to Yamaha with an trb1006 for the price, I find this bass extremely versatile.
With experience, I recommend this bass to anyone who wants to switch to 6 strings, if it was a remake, it is without any hesitation.