Yamaha TRB1006
Yamaha TRB1006

TRB1006, 5+ string bass guitar from Yamaha.

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muzumbu 04/22/2008

Yamaha TRB1006 : muzumbu's user review


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Made in Korea, except the pickups.

Diapason 35 '

Channel 3 pieces maple screw 6 points, 24 frets rosewood fingerboard.
Original inlay, oval tablets as pearl.
Veneer flamed maple top (flamed maple), gloss varnish.
Overlay "Yamaha" in abalone.
Six key oil bath.
Bone nut (49 mm wide).
2 trussrod double action, easily accessible at the heel of the handle.
The handle is very well done, enjoyable even for small hands.
The finish is very good, except with respect to the nut.

Narrow string spacing: 16.5 mm at the heel of the handle.

Alder body netted pear, maple and coverage curly maple veneer.
Brilliant natural finish, see photo. Good quality, nice finish.

2 Yamaha pickups made in Japan, bar, alnico magnets, dual-coil humbuckers, with a "coil" (reel) ghost.
* Note: two individual knobs (blue and white) on the circuit board can vary for each microphone, the presence of this phantom coil, useful to the hum-canceling effect.
You should not touch this control unless significant buzz on a microphone that was set incorrectly at the factory.

Yamaha preamp and equalizer 3-way *.
5 controls: volume, pan pot, bass, treble, mids.
* This version does not set the mediums.

Fittings "noname" narrow bridge, probably injected metal (diecast).


The neck is especially nice, very well designed. We feel the experience of the industry.

The string spacing is very narrow. The slap is not easy, but the game is very comfortable to the fingers.

Access to treble is good, with a slant to the rear of the body.

The instrument is lightweight and well balanced, very good points.

The sound is very good, typical of a 6-string: C for the song, deep bass for B.
In between, we travel.
The equalizer pressure with a sharp when pushed to the bottom. But the brilliant then a bit too present for my taste, so we can not so far.


Versatile sound: everything is possible as style.

The settings are easy, the knobs respond very quickly, he must go very slowly.

At this level, for a musician to varied repertoire, but attracted by the fusion jazz, SmoothJazz is an instrument both mat and original when it explores many controls.

From the perspective of sound, it's safe.


Bought 2 months ago in Paris.

I have another 6-string and I tested several.

Most: design, finishes, sound, playability
The -: IEA, we approach what hurts. There are some things to say ...

1 / instrument design is beautiful and well crafted, but the cost savings (on average E 900 to buy) is found in the nut that is "at random, the chance". It ended badly on mine, fortunately not a problem for me.

2 / harder: the shrinking is not good. The high frets, in this case the 17th, do not on mine action setting it down without frieze.
So be careful when purchasing to thoroughly check it frieze not "too", the strings are not set too high, as if to "fig leaf" ...
Again, personally it does not bother me, I re-alignment and everything is back to normal.

But when we do not know these techniques, then a must be at the store for customer service, or with a luthier (who will not make you a present of his performance).

If not for these defects, including a major, shrinking, this instrument would be excellent in all respects. Care must be taken at the time of purchase.

In conclusion, I do not regret, but, because I customized mine: brass nut spaced wider than the original Gotoh bridge with adjustable spacing and, as I wrote above, planning frets.

These operations are not accessible to everyone, is through a luthier.

That's why I put seven in total, because it is a pity that the musician must exercise vigilance as to the purchase of such an instrument, about 1000 euros.