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Thread Possible to play lap steel guitar one handed righty only?

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1 Possible to play lap steel guitar one handed righty only?
Hi friends; i had been a guitarist for 35 years till a stroke struck me 6 years ago leaving my left arm/fretting hand frozen imobile.so at long last after enough years and long cold winters in forced didsabled early retirement
i've come up with a hair brained scheme to play lap steel with just my good right hand by possibly placing a hollow slide on the thumb and picking
directly adjacent to it with e next door index, middle and 3rd fingers. and since i can't on disability afford to sink hides into tis thing till i know it works
i've got all the stuff i need left over on my guitar bench,parts box to build my own.(i've already hand bult my own"strat" and rebuilt others for friends and new aquaintancesso i know how to do the work.)with a screaming single coil 12k ohm old national valco pickup from a red "map guitar"you all this idea may hold water to get me back on 6 strings not much hope for a left hand recovery?or does it sound waaayy to hard to develope techniquewise? any opinions.c'mon everybody's got'em.
thanks ,happy easter and god bless to all!!
billy aka wadboy wjthill54@yahoo.com :oo:
I don't see why it wouldn't work :) human spirit and ingenuity always rise to the occasion! Why don't you try it out on a normal guitar placed horizontally on your lap for the moment before committing to lengthy and/or expensive mods?
Don't tire yourself out in the beginning though. as it's a new technique for you , your hand won't be used to it at first and will get tired and cramped easily. Little by little it should come easier.

Good luck!!