Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Shorty CT, Other Electric Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

grandbill 03/23/2011

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT : grandbill's user review

«  Finishing deplorable »

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Made in China - 1 hambucker - bridge / tailpiece - Standard LP sleeve - a volume and tone.


Channel pleasant but not finished, I had a lemon oil on it. Ergonomics lamentable not balanced you have to play set! Seated or standing is not possible. The solution, put a strap acoustics.
His pourave without nuance.
Arrived home Monday, Tuesday everything was dismantled.
- Mechanical changed. Original ones have toys!
- Chanche tailpiece, the original one's nose.
- Changed to a microphone on a recovered Epiphone Sheraton 92.
- I'll probably change the knobs because these are crap. the guy who had to be welded mason!
- Ropes course they put rubber bands.


Now I no longer sound correct. Nice little guitar in all once you've dressed.
I played several amps, Fender blues junior tweed, Ibanez TS15 it rocks.


I've had two days and I have fun on my couch. I bought prtir on vacation and will do it with a Pignose 2w.
A tip if you plan to buy € 60 + for the upgrade if not give it to your kid.
Hofner is shame for the scam.
At forgot (3 Stripped screw disassembly guys had camouflaged)
Bravo Chinese fortunately I'm pro in customization.
Do not buy this product is theft.