Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Shorty CT, Other Electric Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

Eulfred 10/21/2010

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT : Eulfred's user review

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This is a model made in China, it is equipped with a fixed tailpiece, a round flat rather than 24 frets, one humbucker and volume + tone.


The handle is nice, access to acute is no problem in terms of ergonomics the little body that it can not counterbalance the weight of the handle, so she pitched nose, plus the guitar does not have inferior horn to save space, but slides on the thigh which is a bit tedious, the solution is to play with a short strap.

Another small flaw, the guides are prominent string which causes discomfort in the palm of his right hand when playing too close to the tailpiece, solution: a shot of lime to cut corners.

Question tone no miracle, but not ridiculous either given the size of the guitar, microphone does not lack balance and fishing quite a bit of harmonic distortion, on the other hand is pretty clear in his flat, deserves up a micro story with more character to laugh a bit and mesmerize assistance on stage ... I have some ideas.


Is primarily a guitar to lug around along with a small amp style Micro Cube or a Vox amPlug or an iPhone App.


The big advantages of this guitar: the congestion, the handle, the standard strings (as opposed to guitars "headless" with strings double ball) looks funny, takes good agreement.

You should know why before you buy any kind of guitar and do not be fooled: it is neither a Start or a Les Paul, it will not give you the thrill, but it will take you anywhere without the hassle.

Value very good, especially in the occasion.