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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Casio MG 510 MIDI

    Casio MG 510 MIDI - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by dragonjell/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Two single coil pickups, one humbucker, 5-way toggle switch, volume and tone controls. Midi synth, integrated tuner, volume control via Midi (guitar, Midi, Midi and guitar)…

  • Brian Moore i1

    Brian Moore i1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by /translated from Audiofanzine FR) American guitar made in Korea. 22 frets. Three Seymour Duncan pickups: two humbuckers, one Alnico II Hum in the neck position (for jazz, blues, etc.) and a JB Hum in the bridge posit…

  • Jerry Jones CORAL SITAR

    Jerry Jones CORAL SITAR - moosers's review


    The Jerry Jones Coral Sitar is made in the USA, Tennessee to be exact, and is one of the most interesting guitars I have ever used. I really sounds like a sitar! It has 21 frets, a few single coil pickups. It also has 13 sympathetic strings that adds…

  • Brian Moore i1

    Brian Moore i1 - "Brian Moore i2000"


    Sometimes I think I've played everything that had a set of strings. My very fist base was a Marvel, that was in 1963. About six months later I had the local music store order me a "P" Bass with a Jazz neck. In the years that followed, I've owned a G…

  • Brian Moore i1

    Brian Moore i1 - "Brian Moore i2000"


    I bought this instrument at Medley Music in PA. I paid approximately $900.00 brand new Good Action on the neck. Natural easy handling. Good sound. Prone to cutouts. Weak battery system, poor quality wiring, poor electronic pick ups. Poor eq. sy…

  • Roland G-707

    Roland G-707 - "Roland G700 / G707 Guitar and Synth Unit"


    I LOVE this guitar and i love it even more because i got it for free! This guy i know is a big musician (bass and guitar) and was cleaning out a bunch of stuff that he had laying around and stumbled upon this old guitar he bought in the 80's because …

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