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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom

    Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom - "Guitar exception MADE IN JURA"


    The guitar was made by luthier Christophe Capelli, which is installed in the Jura. The guitar has 24 frets, a form DL Custom with reverse head. It is equipped with a Schaller floyd rose brand, mechanical gotoh, a volume knob with the split neck picku…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " This really is the M. ...."


    Everything is already known UTILIZATION The handle is simply unplayable if you like to do solos! The handle picnic forward Fretes cling to the fingers SOUNDS It sounds very very average! OVERALL OPINION This is crap! I ordered at Ch…

  • Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000 Gen2

    Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000 Gen2 - "A guitar that is not a ..."


    This is a MIDI controller that a "real guitar" MIDI (meaning thereby a guitar with strings and guitar sensations) ... Here, no rope on the handle; just "marks" of silicone and thickness to materialize ropes frets as well. For the image, so I would sa…

  • Roland G-707

    Roland G-707 - " Legend!"


    Made in Japan Channel 22 frets screwed Floating tremolo UTILIZATION Ibanez properly handle such Easy access to acute The sound fishing bar loaded carbon limit harmonics (improved detection noon) SOUNDS The synth sounds very typical 80…

  • No Name Guitare Electrique

    No Name Guitare Electrique - " good initiative"


    I use it rarely qualitprix is ​​affordable! …

  • Ministar Lestar

    Ministar Lestar - " Original but very poor"


    Manufacturing USA. Everything is made of wood and metal. Provided with a cover and accesories. It's tough and it's original. Against by finishing a little craft (and probably is). The value of this guitar is obviously its size which you can…

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - bolinox's review


    handle the mechanical all that has been said before I agree with my colleagues selector micro fragile. I've blown a UTILIZATION for on it is not heavy SOUNDS for the sound against it will not. no gain. one volume flush daisies. maybe I …

  • Roland G-707

    Roland G-707 - " super gear"


    this guitar was made in japan Roland vibrato with a phenomenal stability 2 humbucker with volume + tone knobs dedicated 1 sensor noon on the vibrato All mode settings are accessible with synth line 4 knobs dedicated we just mix the micropho…

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - benten808's review


    Hello, my Hohner G3T was purchased in U.S. import, which is no small feat since I came with more than a month behind the originally announced. I understand that it was manufactured in Southeast Asia but I have nothing against that ... For once, I hav…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " It is full of flaws, but I like ... !"


    MSDS: Further information on the series: http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/vintage-hofner/factfiles/shorty/main.html The guitar is worth the money any more. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, but the guitar stings SERIOUS head. Even on the legs, …