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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - " Ze travel guitar, and an intimate encounter."


    Nothing to add, see below. UTILIZATION The handle is well suited to my hand. Balance confusing at first but got used to it quickly. I bought it secondhand, vibrato was very poorly tuned. With a little care, attention and patience, I have everyt…

  • Yamaha EZ-AG

    Yamaha EZ-AG - " very nice tool"


    it looks like a toy! plastoc but well done UTILIZATION difficult to compare, it's not a guitar SOUNDS is not the most important, but the speaker produces good sound even powered by small round cells 1.5v 5 r6 OVERALL OPINION I was really …

  • Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard

    Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard - " A small scratch to the excellent violin" has images


    Made in China (but very well made) designed to usa bridge owner (like a tune o matic) with the strings that pass behind the body, standard tuning. UTILIZATION Handle very nice grip between a Gibson neck (a little thicker and a Start) radius f…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Finishing deplorable"


    Made in China - 1 hambucker - bridge / tailpiece - Standard LP sleeve - a volume and tone. UTILIZATION Channel pleasant but not finished, I had a lemon oil on it. Ergonomics lamentable not balanced you have to play set! Seated or standing is not …

  • Loïc Le Pape Steelwinner

    Loïc Le Pape Steelwinner - " and three!" has images


    after much discussion, both for the finish to the election, thank you Loic know-how to set foot on land for projects too "loaded" or inconsistent, so we have a maple neck with 24 frets Sébaston radius 9.5 with C affects Rosewood, that as regards the …

  • Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000

    Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000 - " For the composer"


    Hello all =) So here we are, for those who have been engulfed in another space-time these last few months, to a toy for a new style: the MIDI guitar / video games (rock band, guitar hero ... ). With no X-box or another, I will address only the first …

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - nicoslash's review


    Guitar made in boxes Asie.24 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone Round Neck LesPaul typed. Standard strings, compared to more headless guitar strings requiring special. UTILIZATION The handle is very comfortable and suitable for any user is the same as …

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Practice for the holidays"


    This is a model made in China, it is equipped with a fixed tailpiece, a round flat rather than 24 frets, one humbucker and volume + tone. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, access to acute is no problem in terms of ergonomics the little body that it…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Guitar sofa!"


    Made in China; Body and handle al Maple / Maple Rosewood. Configuration microphones: 1 Humbucker. Slecteur rglage: 1 volume, 1 tone. The finish is correct without more, I had to reattach the jack, a screw was removed (a default without much cli…

  • Loïc Le Pape Rotocasteel

    Loïc Le Pape Rotocasteel - crch's review


    Party Tuesday morning Reue Wednesday morning! warm first impression She is beautiful. Table bomb lightly, beautiful finishes, aging, cracks, rips Lger, small bites, patina laccastillage bravo! UTILIZATION Very good balance, it parat more lg…