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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - " Ze travel guitar, and an intimate encounter."


    Nothing to add, see below. UTILIZATION The handle is well suited to my hand. Balance confusing at first but got used to it quickly. I bought it secondhand, vibrato was very poorly tuned. With a little care, attention and patience, I have everyt…

  • Yamaha EZ-AG

    Yamaha EZ-AG - " very nice tool"


    it looks like a toy! plastoc but well done UTILIZATION difficult to compare, it's not a guitar SOUNDS is not the most important, but the speaker produces good sound even powered by small round cells 1.5v 5 r6 OVERALL OPINION I was really …

  • Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard

    Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard - " A small scratch to the excellent violin" has images


    Made in China (but very well made) designed to usa bridge owner (like a tune o matic) with the strings that pass behind the body, standard tuning. UTILIZATION Handle very nice grip between a Gibson neck (a little thicker and a Start) radius f…

  • Aria Thor sound

    Aria Thor sound - " Not much info on this Aria TS"


    Thor Sound Aria, made in Japan Year 82 (N ° Series race on the plate) but not set neck (matsumoku time?!) 3 single coil pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone and 2 3-position selector UTILIZATION Quite heavy, solid wood glued into three parts (I think Ash sa…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Finishing deplorable"


    Made in China - 1 hambucker - bridge / tailpiece - Standard LP sleeve - a volume and tone. UTILIZATION Channel pleasant but not finished, I had a lemon oil on it. Ergonomics lamentable not balanced you have to play set! Seated or standing is not …

  • Loïc Le Pape Steelwinner

    Loïc Le Pape Steelwinner - " and three!" has images


    after much discussion, both for the finish to the election, thank you Loic know-how to set foot on land for projects too "loaded" or inconsistent, so we have a maple neck with 24 frets Sébaston radius 9.5 with C affects Rosewood, that as regards the …

  • Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000

    Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar YRG-1000 - " For the composer"


    Hello all =) So here we are, for those who have been engulfed in another space-time these last few months, to a toy for a new style: the MIDI guitar / video games (rock band, guitar hero ... ). With no X-box or another, I will address only the first …

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - nicoslash's review


    Guitar made in boxes Asie.24 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone Round Neck LesPaul typed. Standard strings, compared to more headless guitar strings requiring special. UTILIZATION The handle is very comfortable and suitable for any user is the same as …

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Practice for the holidays"


    This is a model made in China, it is equipped with a fixed tailpiece, a round flat rather than 24 frets, one humbucker and volume + tone. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, access to acute is no problem in terms of ergonomics the little body that it…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - " Guitar sofa!"


    Made in China; Body and handle al Maple / Maple Rosewood. Configuration microphones: 1 Humbucker. Slecteur rglage: 1 volume, 1 tone. The finish is correct without more, I had to reattach the jack, a screw was removed (a default without much cli…