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  • NTS Audio Hip Hop

    NTS Audio Hip Hop

    02/27/11 in NTS Audio Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is designed to allow you to generate Hip-Hop Music: Full Parts, Drum loops, Groove loops, Bass Loops and Hats loops as wave files.

  • Noisebud Bompa 2

    Noisebud Bompa 2

    02/15/11 in Noisebud Bompa 2

    Noisebud has announced that it has updated Noisebud Filter to version 3.11 and released version 2.0 of Noisebud Bompa.

  • [NAMM] Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    [NAMM] Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    01/12/11 in Michael Ourednik Argotlunar 2

    Michael Ourednik has announced the release of version 2.0 of Argotlunar, a real-time delay-line granulator VST effect plug-in.

  • ZionDSP Lil'Plug

    ZionDSP Lil'Plug

    12/13/10 in Zion DSP Lil'Plug

    Lil'Plug offers "some warm, deep drive combined with a splash of smooth EQ," according to ZionDSP.

  • WOK SimpArp

    WOK SimpArp

    10/11/10 in WOK SimpArp

    WOK has released SimpArp, a free MIDI-Arpeggiator VST plug-in for Windows.

  • DSK Music SF2

    DSK Music SF2

    09/20/10 in DSK Music SF2

    DSK Music has announced the release of SF2, a free SoundFont player VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

  • Fsynthz RepeeteR

    Fsynthz RepeeteR

    09/14/10 in Fsynthz RepeeteR

    Fsynthz has announced the release of RepeeteR, a free VSTi MIDI processing plug-in for Windows that records and loops a played fragment of 1/2/4 measures.

  • Pluggotic Squosc

    Pluggotic Squosc

    06/14/10 in Pluggotic Squosc

    Pluggotic has released Squosc, a free VST effect plug-ins available for Windows.

  • Sound Magic PianoSR

    Sound Magic PianoSR

    04/08/10 in Sound Magic PianoSR

    Sound Magic has announced the release of PianoSR, described as a "Physical Modelling Sympathetic Resonance Generator".

  • Soundspectral DoublerX

    Soundspectral DoublerX

    02/15/10 in SoundSpectral DoublerX

    Soundspectral has announced the release of version 1.5 of DoublerX, an intelligent randomizing doubling VST plug-in for Windows.